snapshots of my week | 2nd june

cat peeking out behind tree leaves

it’s been a while. oops.

a mix of wanting to take a break, feeling useless and boring and depressed, feeling like i have nothing to say and being ill. fun times. but, for now, at least, i feel i’m in a little bit better of a place. of course, i’ve still been taking photos all this time, just not sharing them. sometimes i just plain don’t feel like it, but other times it’s that i have nothing much to say and that puts me off. but it shouldn’t really. i do like sharing photos just for the sake of it from time to time.

that said, it does help the sun has been out more. even though i can’t stand being hot my mood always improves when it’s lighter out, nature is abundant and skies are blue. as much as i love autumn the darkness can get to me a bit, even if i don’t realise at the time.

so, how have you been? how’s the year so far for you? any plans for the summer?

yellow poster behind fence

patchwork pavement with double yellow lines

little white flowers in golden hour light

black and white grasses

shadow behind shop shutter

buttercups in long grasses

backlit daisy with leaf

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  • Reply Caroline 02/06/2017 at 09:32

    Thank you for sharing your photos – I love these posts. I too love the sun but hate being hot. I suppose one benefit of living in the UK is we don’t encounter both at the same time too often!


    • Reply laura redburn 02/06/2017 at 11:49

      that’s lovely to hear – thank you! haha, that’s very true! i stick to the shade but if it’s nice in the mornings or evenings i’ll try and get a little more ‘direct’ sun then ..but that’s few and far between ha!

  • Reply Emma 06/06/2017 at 00:23

    Beautiful photos!

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