snapshots of my week – 28th january

pilea leaves in glass jar

feels weird that i haven’t used my ‘proper’ camera for a week, but that’s the way it goes sometimes. i almost didn’t do my snapshots post this week, more than anything, because i kept forgetting to upload some photos. not that anyone else other than me particularly minds. but this year i’m trying to get ..or, well, stay more organised. if i stop enjoying doing these posts or even the blog as a whole, i’ll stop, but until then i feel a bit better if i have some sort of routine.

this week has been very plant focused it seems! i got a couple (okay, 3) new plants including the lovely fishbone cactus below. have wanted one for ages! don’t seem to have much luck with cacti though, so fingers crossed. looks lovely next to the begonia, right?

my pilea seems to be dropping leaves so i’ve decided to try rooting the above two in water. anyone had any luck with this? from what i’ve read, some say it’s easy, others that it doesn’t work for them at all.

my two best aquisitions this week though? a new tattoo and my awesome neon heart light. i have been looking at both a lot. every time i get a new tattoo i find it weird accepting my body looks a little different, but in no time you accept it as part of you. if only every body related issue was as simple!

fishbone cactus next to angel wing begonia

an assortment of succulents in wire tray

tattoo of hand holding match

pink neon heart light from cult furniture

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