snapshots of my week – 27th october

now that my 31st birthday has passed, will anything change? possibly, but definitely not immediately. life takes its time, and so does your mind in working through things. i hope this next year will bring better things for me, and that all the efforts i’ve put in over the years will start to pay off a little more. i never expect things to come easily, and even if i have to double my efforts in return for next to nothing – at least i will be able to say i’ve tried.

because of depression, anxiety and just …life, my creativity (in terms of illustration work) has taken a huge hit. i’ll have moments of inspiration here and there but in general, my motivation has taken a headfirst dive into metaphorical concrete. i’ve come back from worse so i can most definitely get through this and feel my usual creative self again.

i believe.

but for now, i’m going to eat a bit more birthday cake and take each day as it comes.

concrete planter from studio emma

shreks ear plant in pink pot

lemon and ginger cake with melted chocolate and hazelnut

melted chocolate and hazelnut on cake

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  • Reply Emma 28/10/2017 at 19:09

    I love the red wall

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