snapshots of my week – 23rd february

yellowed monstera leaf

as each week passes, i begin to feel more and more ‘myself’. each time i feel a creative urge, or generally feel like doing anything that isn’t sleeping, eating or binging tv shows is a step up in the deep tunnel i dug myself into. i feel like a flower that had gone into dormancy, and now i’m slowly coming back to bloom.

it feels long and arduous, and i falter along the way but i have to accept healing takes time. but as always, i will be stronger for it.

signs of spring are showing too! this truly makes me happy. i’ve seen snowdrops come and go, and crocuses are starting to peek through. soon, trees and flowers will start to fill with colour and my goodness i cannot wait. i can’t remember a time i’ve looked forward to spring this much. i physically and emotionally NEED it. going to try my best to really savour it and soak every bit in.

white cats paws close up

road markings on faded road markings

ava the cat lounging on the sofa

rainbow roadside markings

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