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snapshots of my week – 22nd september

blue painted wood

this past couple of weeks have definitely been better than many previously. in most ways it’s been pretty ordinary, but that alone is a vast improvement. meeting up with liz was fantastic, we chatted about blogging and work stuff …it’s always good to have someone that gets these things rather than a boyfriend that looks at you like you’re speaking jibberish, ha!

i also had some good news, but sorry, gonna be *that* person and not tell you what it is yet. though something i can say is my copies of caboodle and lionheart, which i have some work in, also came in the post recently, so i’ll share those soon too. and something else i’m sure you’ll see me chat about on twitter in the coming days.

on thursday last week, i went to a kiehls blogger event in their shop in st davids shopping centre which was fantastic and so interesting and informative. i absolutely love talking to people and brands that actually know what they’re talking about and are as interested in skincare as i am. i don’t often get invited to cardiff blogger events, but was so glad i got to go to this as i learned quite a bit, and have a few recommendations i will definitely look into.

how was your week? any news or interesting things to share?

pastel sunset sky

sunset sky over bridge

golden hour shadow reflection

black and white kitten

spiders web close up

black and white cat on wall

silver boots on tiled floor at kiehl's cardiff

body care shelves at kiehl's st davids, cardiff

mens skincare shelf

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