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snapshots of my week – 20th october

colourful red and yellow autumn leaves

okay, first of all. red moon on monday? crazy. it looked/felt so weird. the sky and general atmosphere was at various points (early morning to midday) yellow, orange, brown and peach. definitely not a thing you’ve (possibly ever?) seen in the UK before!

this week has been pretty dull to be honest. not that i’m complaining, and i currently welcome ‘dull’ with open arms after the incessant stress and worry of the year so far! and probably for the best anyway as i feel my brain hasn’t been fully ‘there’. probably just a transitional season thing, and i do feel my brain fog is generally worse in the darker months.

saying that, i have been super productive this week ..sometimes that has literally just involved writing down things i need to do, but honestly, that’s a step up from when your brain feels like it can barely function. again, any productivity and feeling even remotely useful is not to be sniffed at.

anyway, enjoy these autumnal photos, and i hope anyone that’s reading this has had a nice week.

berries poking out of fence

peeling pink paints on wall

numbers on telegraph pole

ivy poking out of stones

close up of ivy bush

torn palm fronds

looking down an abandoned alleyway

moss covered wall

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