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snapshots of my week – 1st december

i’m writing this well before the week is over, in the hopes that by writing that my week was good (or at least not too stressful) will make it so. it’s hard for me to be positive, so little steps forward are better than none.

i have a dentist appointment which i’m absolutely dreading, but besides that i’m hopefully meeting a couple of friends, and have plans to be productive and do a few things i’ve been putting off. my mind feels a little more at rest when i don’t have lots of ‘to do’s’ weighing me down, even if they’re easy tasks they can certainly add up.

i feel like i rarely have anything to say. i’m a boring person. i try and keep myself going, and do little bit to make others happy if only for a moment. sometimes that’s all you can do. life goes on whether you have stories to tell or not.

hope your week was lovely, and that your next week is full of possibility.

rain falling in cathays cemetary

shadowy photo of a gravestone in cathays cemetary

boyfriend standing in middle of path, taking a photo of me

red flowers by grave

black and white photo with oak leaf covered in rain drops

autumnal yellow leaf silver birch tree

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  • Reply Emma 07/12/2017 at 17:45

    Beautiful photos!

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