snapshots of my week – 15th october

this hasn’t been my week. agonising tooth pain, food poisoning, severe pain and fatigue, an injury and the worst menstrual cramps i’ve ever had. all in all, ouch. and not even the worst week in my year, ha! yet somehow i’ve remained in a good mood and not let it get me down. there are times when i would have let all that sink me, but for some reason not this time. i wish i could have that sort of strength more often, but hey, i’ve learned to take what i can get.

in a couple of weeks i’ll be 31, and i’m kind of pinning a little hope that 31 will be a much better year than 30. a lot of people say life gets better in your 30’s but that’s certainly not been the case so far! mind you, still early days right? does life ever really get easier? or do you just learn to accept your mind a little better? time will tell.

i guess (like always ha) i don’t have anything of real interest to say, and am just rambling a bit. but hey, this is my blog, and i like to use it as a place to ‘chat’ from time to time.

how has your week been?

black and white shadow selfie

grasses against tiled wall

shadowy pavement portion

peach coloured tropical smoothie


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