snapshots of my week – 15th december

chicken wire on pavement

there are times where nothing of real interest happens in my week. things get cancelled, i’m ill, or what i have done has not been worth of a photo or words. and, you got it, this has been one of those weeks. it’s actually been a productive week and i’ve gotten a lot done, but it’s either stuff i cant share, can’t share yet, or just don’t want to share. so ..that’s that.

but with how this year has been, i’m completely fine with uneventfullness. but it doesn’t make for interesting blog material, does it? i never said i was interesting!

i’m so glad this year is almost over. going to try my best to go into 2018 with a more positive, ambitious attitude. 2017 has ended (so far) a lot better than it began, so i have hope things can and will improve further.

how has this year been for you? do you have plans or ambitions for next year?

ava wearing jumper

ultra wink stickers

clothing textures and colours

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