snapshots of my week – 13th january

red coat, pink bag and pink dress

you know those weeks where you have loads to catch up on, because you neglected it the week before?

but then you get busy, distracted, or ill so there’s even more to catch up on? oof. it’s been that kind of week. now i have 2 weeks worth of work to catch up on in a couple of days. yikes! gonna be an intense (in part intensely boring) weekend.

i got this!

last weekend included lots of walking, a trip to the cinema, delicious food, resolving to take more photos, being more organised with blog posts (not just writing a title for a draft!) and writing down everything i need to do so i don’t forget. to be honest i do that last part most days as i am ridiculously forgetful.

j. pigeon and son, canton

blue plastic wrap

also! i got a new desk chair. probably more exciting to me than other people. but goodness it’s been wonderful to be able to sit at my desk for more than 20 minutes at a time. would anyone be interested in a quick interiors post showing the chair and how my desk area looks currently?

hope you all have a lovely weekend.

butchers arms pub window stained glass

butchers arms pub window, canton

mirror reflection in black and white

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