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snapshots of my week – 11th june

white silhouette sticker on blue and orange wall

shall i be predictable and say how rubbish and stressful this week was? oh, how redundant. this year has been a real test of my patience, sanity ..just ..everything. it’s important to me, now more than ever to focus on the small things. though overall things have been rubbish – in a couple of cases, awful – this week, good things have happened. for example, FINALLY getting a job interview! i thought it would never happen again. i can’t make any guarantees i’ll get the job, but for someone to finally give me an interview has given me back a smidgen of hope.

also seeing my new tattoos heal well (will post images when they’ve healed – pretty sure no one wants to see my shedding skin, ha!) and being strong and not going to gluten-containing foods in times of extreme stress. last year i would have given in so easily when i felt down or stressed, but remembering how ill it makes me always stops me now.

you know how a lot of people go to typical carby, starchy things like pasta and pizza and bread when they’re really stressed or want something easy? imagine you couldn’t do that, or your options were limited. what do stressed out coeliacs craving that kind of food do?! still, there’s crisps…

hope your week has been better! have you done anything fun, interesting or inspiring?

pink and exposed bricks

ghost sign x on wall

pink and blue graffiti on wall

reflection of tree in puddle

chalk lines and dappled shadows


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