snapshots out & about

snapshots of tenby, pembrokeshire

Red roofed building on Tenby beach pier

pink placards on beachmy shadow in the sand

tenby! oh, i love you.

oh, tenby.

i lived in pembrokeshire for almost 8 years before moving to cardiff. so, naturally, i would go to tenby quite a lot. especially when i was particularly stressed and needed some time to be somewhere else. well worth the time spent on the bus getting there!

from cardiff, it’s about 3 hours on the train, so it’s not quite as accessible and needs a bit of forward planning. again, totally worth the journey. tenby is quite small so we walked around a good few times, and spent a little time on the beach. it was ridiculously hot and i hate the heat, so no sunbathing here.

my boyfriend actually lived and worked in tenby for some time so he’s definitely no stranger to it either, and he goes there a couple times a year to meet his parents as it’s a good halfway(ish) point.

view of colourful houses in tenby

pink and green townhouses

taking a photo

colourful hotels overlooking the sea

parasol on the beach

places to go, places to eat

beach wise, we mostly spent time on the north beach, in the morning. we both agree it has the better view, but of course the south beach is beautiful too. if you’d plucked tenby out of wales and put it somewhere on the coasts of southern europe, i don’t think it would be out of place at all (apart from all the welsh signage everywhere, ha)! the beaches and colourful houses are just perfect.

of course, we had a look around the charity shops. i mean, i have to, everywhere i go. we also had a look around the market, popped into roly’s fudge, lollies, and various other sweet shops. the fudge from roly’s is the best, right? so crumbly.

we popped into plantagenet house for a cup of tea, for lunch we just went to the tenby arms, but there are loads of places to eat. if like me, you are coeliac (or vegan, vegetarian, etc) there are quite a few places to eat. just before we left we went to caffe vista, where i had a latte and a brownie. we sat outside on the balcony, which overlooks the sea. wonderful!

view of north beach, tenby

tiny lady on the seafront

me standing by a giant rock

that’s me!

a crab on the sand

man sitting under a parasol by the sea

turquoise door of chapel

pink and red weathered door

feccis ice cream signage

pembrokeshire ice cream van

i don’t want to bombard you with photos, so i’ll stop here. this ice cream van was racing across north beach!

despite tenby being quite a small town, there’s plenty to do there, and plenty of places to visit. nearby, there’s also st. catherines island, and caldey island. honestly, i’m really not doing this beautiful town justice. if you ever find yourself in that area of wales/in pembrokeshire, please carve out some time to spend there! you will love it, i promise.

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