Snapshots of the past year | Part 2

Pink cherry blossom tree | cardboardcities

Nat Maks marbled print | cardboardcities

Snapshots catchup part two! From the beginnings of lockdown to (pretty much) now. It feels like a whole year has passed in those few months. So much has happened, but equally, a lot hasn’t. Still, we have the rest of our lives to live.

I’ve been going for lots of walks, which to be fair is something I did regularly before this. Hula hooping! So fun. Baking sweet goods and apparently eating lots of eggy things too? Fried eggs, eggy bread, scrambled, mm. Buying plants and prints (the lovely marbled piece above gifted from the talented Nat Maks) and forever taking too many photos of Ava. After a l o t of saving, we finally got a sofa after years of discomfort and more recently a mattress, after even more years of discomfort, ha! Those two things have been invaluable during this time.

There’s been lots of ups and downs, crazy amounts of stress and worry. But overall I feel so fortunate to have a relative amount of stability. Had this virus hit a few years ago or when I was younger this would be a very different kind of look back.

Hopefully by this time next year I will have gotten to see all my friends again, visited my dad a few times, gone on a few adventures too. Really, at this point who knows what the future will bring? It’s more uncertain than ever. I can’t say I’ll look back at this time fondly, but at least I’ve lived to be able to look back.

Here’s to good times ahead, love and laughter.

Pink wall light reflection | cardboardcities

Daisies behind fence | cardboardcities

Fried egg on toast | cardboardcities

Ava the cat looking into a mirror | cardboardcities

Millionaire Shortbread | cardboardcities

Baby monstera adonsonii plant in yellow pot | cardboardcities

shadow leaves on green door | cardboardcities

Vintage butterfly tea cards | cardboardcities

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  • Reply Shikha Nambiar 22/07/2020 at 04:44

    Beautiful pictures. Even the ones in the previous post were great! What is that dessert in the 7th image? Looks delicious :D

    • Reply kitty redburn 22/07/2020 at 08:32

      Thank you! It’s a millionaire shortbread I made. It was SO gooey and so good!

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