Snapshots of… the past year | Part 1

Retro bike against pink wall - cardboardcities

It’s been some time since I’ve done a ‘snapshots’ post hasn’t it! So I’m doing a couple of these posts to catch up on the past year. Though these look like pretty ‘ordinary’ photos to anyone that sees them, I can remember taking each of them. I like that about some photos. They don’t have to be special life defining ones. They can be for the fun of it, or because you saw something that struck you in the moment.

I’ll probably do these posts weekly or twice monthly from here – whatever feels right. I will always love taking photos, and of course it’s fun to share them too. And this blog is the perfect place to share ones that don’t really fit elsewhere. ‘Sad’ as it is I like making my Instagram look a certain way in terms of colour scheme! Maybe that will change some day but I’m fine with it staying that way.

I think part of the reason I stopped blogging for as long as I did was because I kind of fell into the trap that every post has to have a purpose and has to impart something of use. But what if someone just likes taking photos and sharing them? Ha. So I got over that and I’m here again.

There’s no real reason to share these photos other than I want to. And that’s good enough for me!

Pink and purple hydrangea behind fence | cardboardcities

Collection of vintage world stamps | cardboardcities

Iris flower against blue sky | cardboardcities

Pink houses in cowbridge, Wales | cardboardcities

Dried tulips on pink background | cardboardcities

Read leaves against clear blue sky | cardboardcities

Heads with wigs in Cardiff | cardboardcities

Chelsea fire station | cardboardities

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