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Snapshots of Saundersfoot, Pembrokeshire

Man and dogs on Saundersfoot beach

Saundersfoot beachfront and houses


Incase you didn’t know, Saundersfoot is a large villiage on the Pembrokeshire coast. It’s Welsh name is Llanussyllt, named after the Welsh Saint, Saint Issel.

We usually go to Tenby a couple of times a year, but despite Saundersfoot only being a few miles away we rarely go there. Thing is, it’s only the stop before on the train so I’ve no real idea why. Anyway, it was nice to visit as I’ve not been there since the mid 00’s! Wow, I didn’t realise how long ago that was.

It was such a lovely sunny day, too. The main area of Saundersfoot is pretty small, so once you’ve been there an hour you’ll have seen most of it. That’s not meant to do it a disservice, more that if you want to go to Tenby, it’s worth popping over to Saundersfoot first/after. There’s also Amroth, Pendine and other areas close by. You could spend longer there (as we did) if you want to relax, spend some time in the arcades or walk along the beach.

Detail of colours on side of house

Saundersfoot Marina area

Saundersfoot beach area

Shadow of myself on steps

Outlook of Saundersfoot marina

Orange storage and fencing

seeking colour wherever i go…

As may be obvious, I’m definitely a colour seeker where-ever I go. Saundersfoot has plenty of colour to offer, as a seaside town/village often will. If you’re looking for colourful houses there’s plenty dotted about. And when you’re done colour seeking and looking out to sea there’s a good few places to eat and drink. Meals, snacks, sweet treats or some chips. You pick!

On this occasion we went to The Boathouse for lunch and got some sweets and chocolates at Chobbles.

Close up of buoy and ropes

Detail of metal and fence

Yellow and white striped beach house


Top of palm tree against cloudy blue sky

It would have been nice to spend some time in Tenby too, especially with weather like that. But as we needed to catch our train back there wasn’t enough time to. We’ll probably be going down again in June, so no big deal. We can’t afford holidays abroad and neither of us has a passport so Tenby is basically our go to – all in one day –  holiday destination. I’m hoping this year we can afford to maybe go somewhere a little different. Cornwall perhaps? And actually spend a couple days. If not I’m still aiming to save bits of money to take day trips to places in the UK by myself. I’m thinking Cheltenham or Gloucester next.

Hope you enjoy these snapshots from Saundersfoot!

Pink house with round window

Orange tiled wall with blue rectangle

Piping and wall painted pink

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