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snapshots of my week – september 16th

due to a lot of joint pain, this week has been pretty uneventful. i’ve actually been pretty productive in terms of getting things on the to do list done, but it’s all pretty mundane stuff that no one really wants to hear about. still, feels good to get little aspects of your life organised, right? i wish i was one of those people that was more ‘on top’ of things but when you’re ill a lot and your brain doesn’t quite work as it should, its hard!

i know i must come off as lazy to some people (boyfriend included) but i always try my best and have good intentions at heart. it’s kind of hard to prove that though sometimes, isn’t it? i mean, sometimes i feel like i’m too hard on myself, but to an outsider, how are they possibly to know that? even if i voice it it still may seem like i’m making excuses. i don’t have the easiest body to live in, but, really, is that anyones problem but mine?

anyway, yes, i’ve also done a lot of thinking this week, ha!

hopefully next week will be a touch more eventful. i’ve (finally) shared some video snippets of the past couple of weeks, and i’ll try and get back into making videos more regularly again because i really do enjoy it.

how was your week?

in the video:

tomtom mess hall
perfume making experience at floris
(a cat that meowed at ava for a solid 2 minutes and keeps coming back – convinced they’ll be friends soon)
stay home club / eleni kalokorti snake pin
a little stationery splurge from flying tiger
irving penn: beyond beauty book
boden leopard print bag*
danielle kroll desktop wallpaper

stationery from flying tiger

pink heart shaped chocolates

desk bits

leaves poking over hole in pavement

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  • Reply Caroline 16/09/2016 at 11:31

    Love these posts! You have such a great eye for the little details – and colour of course.

    I agree Life Admin is a pain – but can also be satisfying, especially if you write them all down first and then tick them off!


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