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snapshots of my week – 9th september

exterior of peggy porschen, london

i freaked out for a moment just now and thought it was october 9th! ..but then realised i obviously had my calendar ahead a month.

anyway yeah. this past couple weeks have been super up and down, my goodness. the good things being that i got to stay in a fancy hotel, made my own custom perfume, finally got to see a therapist, had a few nice walks, and some other things that have slightly slipped my mind as of this moment.

the not so good being some ridiculous joint pains, the ‘usual offenders’ of my hips and knees being particularly bad. i think it was the travelling to london that made it worse. also, i don’t know if it’s related but i had a couple of days where i felt really feverish and out of it which wasn’t nice – but glad it didn’t coincide with any appointments.

red heart shaped chocolates

i have lots of ‘proper’ camera photos to share and loads of video editing to catch up on, so it’s iphone photos again this week, but when i have the time i’ll catch up on the backlog. i’m sure i had something more important to say than rattling on about nothing, but i can’t stop sneezing and i’m sure i’m emptying my brain with it, ha!

how was your week? let me know in the comments.

tree from below

yellow gate and strong shadow

leon cafe in london

bespoke floris perfume

yellow corner flowers

sunflower on sunny day

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  • Reply Rhianne 09/09/2016 at 08:58

    I love your photos, the colours and shapes are always so interesting! My week has been hectic with work but I have a long weekend with family coming up so I can finally chill out a bit phew. I’m still struggling with the idea its September, so October would have freaked me out too.

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