snapshots of my week – 9th january

this week has involved working on some collages for the collage scrap exchange, lots of walks/photo taking, and applying for lots of jobs and worrying that no one is going to employ me ever again. it’s kind of feeling that way. i apply for a lot of jobs of varying kinds and it’s like i don’t even exist. living in cardiff has helped in that there’s more jobs available here than where i used to live, but it’s also relatively expensive to live here.

it’s hard to find the will to go on sometimes, but i just have to keep at it and hope someone is willing to give me a chance. of course i would ideally prefer a creative job, but i absolutely cannot afford to be picky. on a more positive note, i am available for illustration work, so if you have (or know anyone who does) an opportunity for me, please get in touch and we can discuss your needs!

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      thank you toni! i love your photographic work too. maybe we could do a little collab one day? and haha, i hope so – sooner rather than later ..but as you say, just need to stay positive.
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