snapshots of my week – 9th february

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i seriously can’t get over the fact it’s almost mid-way through february already! i feel like i’ve not done much this year yet, but it often happens because depression seems to hit me harder in the winter months, and because of that i feel much less productive. i try to work through it, but sometimes it just does. not. happen.

i feel like if i could get some illustration work during these months it’d be good because i’d be more distracted to think or worry about anything else. yes, i know i could do personal work, but when you feel really unmotivated and putting yourself down over every little thing it’s kind of hard! luckily, i’m not a person that compares herself to others (well, obviously a little), so i guess that’s one less thing off my mind! ha. you gotta take the good where you can get it!

snapshots of my week   9th february
i found this lovely swing/smock style dress in the week, i had actually gone to get a refund, but i saw this and did an exchange instead, whoops! but i just fell for that super pretty floral pattern and couldn’t resist. it’ll likely appear in an outfit post soon!

snapshots of my week   9th february
one thing i have been doing, is being busy making the shapes for necklaces and brooches! they take a couple days to dry, and because of time constraints this week i’ve not had time to sand & paint them yet, but i’m hoping to make some progress on this today, and take some photos on monday or tuesday. come out sun!

snapshots of my week   9th february
i had however made this test brooch the week before. i forgot to sand it before i painted it, but i kind of like the rough top edge, it looks like it’s been nibbled at! so hopefully these and more will be in the shop soon!

snapshots of my week   9th february
i finally tried the barry m gelly nail paint! i really like it. this shade is called orange (or satsuma), and i think it goes fantastically with my pale skin. also, it’s a very similar colour to my recently acquired wet n wild lipstick in purty persimmon. i’m really loving coral-ish orange-reds at the moment.

snapshots of my week   9th february
adding to my forever growing stationery collection, i couldn’t resist these cute cath kidston-esque notbooks for 69p for 3, especially as they have dotted and square paper in. for some reason i’ve never liked lined paper. am i the only one?

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