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snapshots of my week – 9th august

feet and leaves - looks like autumn!
it’s weird, although i’ve done a variety of things this week, i can’t really remember any specific moments. it seems to have all blended together. do you get that too? anyway. autumn seems to be slowly creeping in! i know it’s only really the beginning of august, but i’ve definitely started to see some signs of autumn already as shown by the beautifully coloured leaves above. autumn is my favourite season so i hope to take lots of photos this year!

tree with berries
ivy and blue
as well as regularly taking photos (more so this year than any other) i’ve been trying to do little video snapshots too. i forget most of the time, but i want to get better and learn more about video, so doing little things like this helps along the way. any video tips (filming or editing)? please pass them this way!

ombre wall
floral embroidered dress
heart plate and silver tray
got this super cute heart plate and useful silver tray last week with some vouchers i’ve saved, but the heart plate is too cute, i couldn’t not show it. i’ve wanted it for ages and a silver tray is just plain useful (i want this marimekko tray one day!). i seem to always have my eye on something at john lewis, especially in the home section. everytime i go in there i want to buy allll the cups!

what have you been up to this week?

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