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snapshots of my week – 9th august

this has been another busy week of painting and pattern making and that is absolutely fine with me! i also have a few potential bits of good news to share, but can’t actually do so until things have been finalised. such a tease! still, potential good news is better than actual bad news, isn’t it.

i realised at the beginning of the week there was a good few points amassing on the mr t. clubcard so i decided to treat myself. it probably would’ve been best to save more, but as i have pretty much no money and very rarely buy things for myself, i thought i deserved a ‘no spend’ treat at least! i bought these two books. i do love books. if you have any art/illustration books to recommend, i’d love to know!

v&a pattern book - 50's

lucienne day patterns

i’ve wanted this book for quite a while actually. i wish it was bigger, but it’s still a decent size. i love this double page with some lucienne day patterns!

sara midda book

sara midda book - house numbers

i only actually discovered this book/artist whilst i was browsing. it’s nice to discover new (to you) artists! i absolutely love the watercolour stripes on the cover. to be honest, it’s what caught my attention. i know people say you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, but sometimes you have to trust your instincts! so glad i did. this is a lovely little book.

watercolour palette

watercolour paintings of ice creams and ice lollies

talking of watercolours, i’ve been painting lots of ice creams this week for some ice cream patterns! do you have any favourites? i think i’m going to do sweets and various confections next.

stone and leaf from battersea park

on saturday i went to london with my sister to see our dad. i forgot to take pictures but when we went for a walk in battersea park (he lives just around the corner from it) i picked these up. i still have a dried leaf from many years ago when he lived in putney, it’s such a lovely golden brown colour.

and here is a little bit of lavender i found. love finding bits of plant like this on the ground, i can rescue them and create a mini garden. always nice to have nature in the home, no matter how small!

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