snapshots of my week – 8th march

as i’m sat here typing this, there is sun. actual sun! it’s really nice to feel the heat coming from it a bit, too. i’m not one for hot summers (at all) but just a nice comfortable amount of heat is most welcome are the lovely evening skies of late.

pink clouds in twilight sky

ava the cat licking her lips
i’ve watched this gif of ava licking her lips about a million times now. it’s like she’s watching something tasty and licking her lips at the sight of it.

collage by laura redburni made and posted a couple of recent collages. slowly getting back to incorporating more mixed media into my work as it was something i used to – and enjoyed doing – a lot, so that as a whole is a work in progress.

monogram notepads - enter the competition to win these and more
did you know i’m doing a giveaway of some items from the cardboardcities shop to celebrate a year of the blog? go enter, there’s only a week left!

three trinkets: bicycle, bunny and cat
i also did something i’d been meaning to do for a long time ..a room tour! lots of colour and little bits and bobs for you all to see.

i’ve been busy doing other things too, but i guess i’ve not taken photos! once the weather is a bit more consistently lighter i can imagine i’ll be taking more photos again. infact, i already feel i’ve been taking more photos this past week than i have in some time.

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