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snapshots of my week – 7th november

tree and phone lines
i’ve been whizzing through my to do list this week, woohoo! some things i’ve been meaning to do for ages so it’s nice to have that (imaginary) weight off my mind. my list for next week and the coming month is longer though. funny to think back to a few years ago, i would have never been this organised.

i have so many plans and ideas for next year, which means trying my best to prepare as early as i can. i am determined that 2015 will be just generally better than this year, and that in part will be mostly due to my work ethic and state of mind. this year (the past month aside) has been really pretty rubbish and i would love to ‘put a pin’ in 2014. here’s some photos i took during a walk in the week.

orange-red berries
yellow autumn leaves
autumn leaves gif
sprig of holly
reflection in broken mirror
purple vw beetle

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