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snapshots of my week – 6th september

ivy on pink
i’m just going to pretend most of this week didn’t happen. but i am going to remember the good things that happened in between. the early morning walks, the drinking of refreshing ice cold water, ava sleeping on my lap (a rare occurrence), sneakily cutting a rose from the bush a few houses down and marvelling at it’s softness and perfect pink, amazing vintage magazines and colour inspiration. lots of little things that made the not so good, better.

how has your week been?

yellow berries
pink rose
bee brooch from oh my clumsy heart
polka dot card and sun paper
i won some sun paper from caroline of scraps of us. she included some extra bits too and all the lovely colour made me happy.

patterned notebook
i’m finally getting round to getting a5 notebooks up in my shop! i need to decide on one more design, photograph them, then they’ll be up! next up – brooches.

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