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snapshots of my week – 5th july

i try and get out every day if i can. i find if i don’t, i will spend longer and longer indoors and find it increasingly harder to find the mental strength to go out again. i know that just going to the shops is nothing for most people – something you don’t even give a passing thought to – but for some it’s quite a struggle!

as i said, if i can get out once a day it really does help, and in multiple ways. most of the time i just go for a five minute walk up and down my road, or a half hour walk in the alleys near my house – plenty of them! i prefer the latter because it’s much more private. i try and take my camera with me as often as i can too as i often see things that get my attention for whatever reason.

sky plants
hydrangeas through a crack in a fence
getting out, away from the house, away from a busy head to clear my thoughts, to get inspired and to get some fresh air. it makes a world of difference. i absolutely love taking photos and it makes me so happy. seeing how much i’ve improved from just a couple of years ago makes me happy too, and proud of myself. here’s to hoping in a couple years i’ll be even better and can push myself further with it.

tooth graffiti on garage
green and yellow doors
no parking please
marc in the lane
on the doorstep
how was your week? i would love you to share a little snippet with me.

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