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snapshots of my week – 31st may

colours in the post
i’ve been feeling so much more productive this week, even with the rather dull weather. i did have a couple days where i felt unbelievably drained, but besides that i definitely got a fair bit done this week. still lots on the to do list, including adding new items to the cardboardcities shop.

you may have seen the above and below photos on my instagram, but i just wanted to take ‘proper’ photos with my camera too because i liked how they looked. i love making simple, graphic little things like this. i always have paper scraps, old envelopes and the odd sticker laying around so i may as well make use of them and be a little creative whilst i procrastinate.

cloud collage closeup
fan collage closeup
mouth collage closeup
i decided to start a sketchbook again and all of a sudden i felt so inspired i somehow whipped together 5 or so collages in quite a short amount of time. i’m not going to pressure myself to fill it up, but it does feel nice to have a space to have images together. normally i just find some paper to collage on, or an envelope or something, so maybe this way will be a little more encouraging seeing work all in one space.

baby laura
i was sorting through old photos recently and remembered i said i was going to show some, so that’s coming on the blog next week. when i came across this one i realised my boyfriend has the same exact hat. if i was ever to re-create a baby photo maybe this should be the one. know where i can find a turquoise dungaree set, anyone? haha.

what have you been up to this week?

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