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snapshots of my week – 31st may

wow, this has been a really slow week. unlike most people i actually don’t mind the rain and a bit of greyness, but if it goes on too long it definitely affects me. saying that, obviously a bit of sun is nice! though i can’t stand being hot. autumn is my favourite time of year ..still a bit warm, but comfortably so, and even a bit stormy sometimes! i love that. what’s your favourite time of the year?

pattern by laura redburn / cardboardcities, available at society6

i made a pattern yesterday! well, i started it off a while ago, but when i was sorting through my things i felt inspired and wanted to finish it! hopefully you’ll be seeing more from me soon. by the way, for anyone who follows my art i have still been making things, just nothing i feel is good enough to show you all. it’s easy these days to be tempted to show everything, but then there’s no mystery!

you can buy this print from my society 6 store as just a print, stationery cards, iphone or samsung galaxy s4 case, or a throw pillow! also, until the end of today, you can get free worldwide shipping if you follow this link.

television and bookshelf from ikea

i had a little room makeover thanks to moneysupermarket. my room feels so much more organised and bigger now! hopefully that will encourage some mighty creative powers to be sent this way.

tortoiseshell glasses from firmoo

laura redburn wearing tortoiseshell glasses from firmoo

i (finally) got some glasses. i can see much more clearly now, as well as having drastically reduced my headaches and tired eyes. i don’t know why i put off getting them for so long! i got mine from firmoo. if it’s your first time buying there, you can get your first pair free, how cool is that! you just need to pay the shipping. great if you’re on a budget and can’t afford designer lenses.

glass bottle

talking of glass, i found this fantastic little bottle when sorting out the cupboards at the beginning of the week. love the shape!

sponsor cardboardcities blog

also, i’m now officially accepting sponsors for june! if you’re interested have a look at my basic sponsor details. or click on the sponsor link above the header for more details.

what have you been up to this week? any plans for next week?

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