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snapshots of my week – 31st january

my goodness, the weather has been dreary this week hasn’t it? the one thing i don’t like about winter is how dark and constantly grey it can be. sometimes i relish it, it’s quite nice and makes you appreciate the sun and some warmth, but sometimes it just ..drags you down, doesn’t it? i’ve no problem with it being cold, rainy’s just i would like a bit of sun inbetween those days!

so, i’ve been relying on little things to keep me going. songs that make me feel happy, bits of painting here and there (slowly doing it more and more, i used to paint ALL of the time!), watching nostalgic tv shows, avocados, and staying in bed probably a little too long, as well as other things.

in my friday florals i said i did actually have some flowers in the house this month, but forgot to take photos. well i’d actually left these in the vase (and forgotten, duh) and took a photo today. they’re pretty much dead but they look quite nice dried out i think.

i found this pretty little girl in a charity shop, sitting in the window. i shouldn’t be spending money i don’t have (she was only 70p though) but she kind of captivated me.

and i also found this super pretty embroidered cushion cover. got to get my floral fix!

these photos (and this weather) really make me realise how much i need to get a daylight bulb. i can’t afford ‘proper’ lighting, but i feel like a bulb that emulates ‘natural’ light will help me both in terms of my mood, and to help photos taken on dull days that little bit less flat. a tripod and slower shutter speeds can only do so much when it’s darker out!

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