snapshots of my week – 2nd october

silver ragwort

right on cue, it started feeling properly autumnal on the last day of september. there was a chill in the air and i started to notice a lot of trees shedding their leaves. like a lot of people, autumn is my favourite season, espeically the early parts where it’s still bright and sunny, but the chilly air means i can wear cardigans and tights again. i’m all about the cardigans and tights.

on monday was my boyfriends birthday, but he had to work late that day so we celebrated (aka ate loads of biscuits and chocolate) a bit later on in the week. i of course made him open his presents as soon as possible though! why is it so exciting seeing someone do that?

i’ve also been busy with some collage making, but annoyingly i can’t show any of it yet. soon my pretties, soooon. i’m always on the hunt for new work though, so if you want to comission me to illustrate for you, get in touch!

i’m pretty proud of my video this week. i didn’t do much of interest to be honest, but i just think it looks nice and it’s really encouraged me to keep going and making more.

how was your week?

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