snapshots of my week – 2nd august

wow, how is it august already? this year has flown by so far. of course there’s been some rubbish days/weeks that have gone slowly, feeling like they’ll never pass, but for the most part ..where has it gone? i feel like i’ve gotten some good things done so far this year, and it looks like some (potential) good things are in my future! so the good things, no matter how big or small have outweighed the bad.

how has your year been so far? have you done anything you’ve been proud of?

talking of time, i bought a clock. just a cheap little charity shop one. i realised i don’t have a watch and we don’t have any clocks in the house, and it’s nice to have an actual clock instead of looking at my phone or computer. when i have some money spare i’d love to find a nice watch that i’d actually want to wear. preferably white or pastel with a small strap. if you have any suggestions, let me know!

i found a baby succulent in one of the charity shops near me (incidentally, i think it’s one of the best in cardiff. ‘catwel’ on whitchurch road, next to panama..which, also on a side note they do super tasty indian food) for 50p so i couldn’t resist. also, i made my first shrink plastic thing! it’s a beetle. it kind of bubbled a bit so i can’t do much with it, but i thought it looked cute in the pot.

i made doughnut stickers! you can buy them in my etsy shop. i’ll also be making others this week. fruit, and other foodstuffs.

as well as making stickers, i made more patterns this week, some with doughnuts, and some with other things such as tea and scones. mmm! expect more soon.

my copy of uppercase came! there’ll be a post on monday about it, as i’m in it.

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