snapshots of my week – 29th march

i’ve not been feeling very well this week,  so i’ve not done too much, much less take any photos. when you’ve spent most of the week in bed, there’s only so much you can do beside re watching favourite programmes and a bit of internet browsing.

floral pattern on coral dress
i found this old dress/top thing when sorting through my stuff earlier in the week. i really like the pattern. as you know i’m a sucker for anything floral or nature based, as well as a bit of coral.

kodak brownie camera and ladybird likes butterfly necklace
a couple of instagram photos. even if i don’t take many photos on my ‘proper’ camera, i’ll nearly always be snapping away on my phone. instagram is rather addictive, isn’t it! so much inspiration on there.

closeup of collage with flowers
closeup of abstract collage
besides not doing much, my collage mojo has started to come back this week. finally! maybe i just needed to take a total break rather than trying to force my creativity to come back. i’ve got a few new pieces that i’ll be posting here next week.

ava the cat
this cheeky little pickle has been keeping me company, but that may have just been because the weather has been dull and she didn’t want to go out, rather than making me feel better :) she is a total outdoor cat, so i relish the times she’s in with us. the weather has been a bit nicer today so i took a couple snaps of her in the back garden.

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