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snapshots of my week – 29th july

close up of pink hydrangea

my goodness the past couple weeks have been overwhelmingly stressful. overall july has been pretty damn awful and i really hope that august will be at least a little better.

i guess the most momentous thing that happened (on a personal level, anyhow) is that i FINALLY went to the doctor and said i need help with my mental health, and more specifically that i wish to see a therapist. i have various issues that have developed over the years, some since childhood and others a little more recent, but the biggest, darkest cloud of them all has been depression. i’m a bit upset that i’ll have to wait a minimum of 2 months to see someone though.

i’m really annoyed with myself that it’s not something i’ve asked for help with before as i know i need it, and really i should have tried to get help in my teens. but hey laura, why not wait ’til you’re almost 30?! good one. as the saying goes – better late than never!

alongside this, my knee and shoulder joints have been a bit worse than usual, which, as you can imagine has limited my motion a bit. i don’t know if it’s the changeable weather making it flare up or life stresses, but either way i wish it’d go away for a bit! ahh, i don’t live in a very good body. i’m *still* waiting for a rheumatology appointment – have absolutely no idea when that’s going to come through, but hopefully it’s not too far off as i’d love to have some clarity as to what my body is trying to do to me.

good things include: a delicious sandwich, a press trip to the new next store in swansea (and delicious curry after), ava being her ususal cute self, making a few collages, hydrangea everywhere and meeting up with laura.

blue garage door

squashed leaf on ground

strapped grey bricks

pastel yellow and cream wall

red door

rainbow windows on st mary street, cardiff

pink and purple graffiti on wood street, cardiff

pete fowler mural in swansea

gf smith the collection book

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  • Reply Lyzi 29/07/2016 at 09:32

    Better late than never, indeed! I think every one of us who has struggled with depression, anxiety etc and decided to get help… I think we ALL wish we’d done it sooner. Don’t beat yourself up about that. The great thing is that you’re going to get help. Keep plodding on for the next couple of months, keep doing what you’re doing and looking after yourself, and soon you’ll be getting that help you need. Never forget that there are lots of us that care about your wellbeing and are always here with open ears if you need any support in the meantime. Take care, sweet girl x

  • Reply Hannah 29/07/2016 at 10:48

    well done for plucking up the courage to go and see a doctor! and i hope you get to see someone soon! sending you all the good vibes laura <3 as always love all your snapshots x

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