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snapshots of my week – 28th october

apologies for being slack with the blog posts last week! normally i’m pretty good with scheduling but things kind of just got on top of me. i’ve been busy, annoyingly most of what i’ve been up to i can’t show you yet. i also hopefully can announce some bits of good news in the next couple of weeks too.

i forgot to post this on friday as normal (but i think i can be excused, as it was my birthday and i wanted a day off!) so, here’s some ..well, snapshots of last week!

autumn leaves

my favourite time of the year means lots of lovely multicoloured leaves! i didn’t pick up many last year, so i’m remembering to do so this year. i’m going to london next week so i hope i can find some lovely ones there! i particularly love red leaves, but i love orange-y ones too. so good when there’s loads mixed together, isn’t there?

doughnut pattern phone case by laura redburn

i finally have a case for my phone! and in my doughnut pattern too. there’ll be a review on this and another item on the blog in the very near future. much better than the plain white it was before, yay!

floral vintage tin

vintage tin with flowers and butterfly

i found this pretty tin when i went charity shop shopping with the tiny bit of birthday money i got. it’s got a splash of paint on it, but that’s easily removed. butterflies and flowers is a winning combination!

purple and gold floral pattern smock from joules

i also found this loooovely joules smock dress in one of the charity shops too. so pretty! i will do an outfit post soon with it. i love the purple and gold together. look at that lovely floral pattern too! very pleased with this.

sequins in pot

scattered sequins

i’vw been looking for some flat sequins in nice colours for ages to use in photos and other crafty uses and i finally found some on ebay for a decent price. it made me rather happy when i saw them, i just love the colours. it’s the simple things, huh?

cardboardcities portfolio redesign

i redesigned my portfolio too! i wanted something that was still simple, but more visually interesting and easier to update when i need. what do you think?

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