snapshots of my week – 28th october

advance warning incase the ‘read more’ doesn’t work …there’s quite a few photos in this post. not loads by some peoples standards, but worth a mention.

for various reasons i haven’t done a snapshots post for a while. mostly because i usually put them together on a thursday, and my thursdays lately have been busy so by the evening i was too tired to do anything but laze.

other reasons being i broke my tooth a couple weeks ago and it’s been such a stress trying to get it sorted. it got infected so i’ve only been off the antibiotics a couple days now. unfortunately it needs extracting and i can’t afford that right now (i need to be sedated), so i either wait months and months – by which time it could become infected again – or get it sorted sooner spending money i ..just don’t have. so yeah that’s been time consuming and stressful!

which leads onto mental health. worrying about my tooth just triggered a lot of panic and anxiety, which seemed to start a landslide. i’ve been on a bit of a downhill slope again latelyanyway, but i’ve had moments of hope too. a little earlier in the year i finally asked for help and told my doctor i wanted/needed therapy. i don’t know the NHS services anywhere else in the UK, but here (or in cardiff at least) i was offered 6, hourly sessions. they helped but it just isn’t enough. i have a lot of issues i need to talk through with a professional! so i’ve been trying to get my head round not going to these sessions anymore. if i could afford private help i’d do it in a heartbeat now, but yeah. money i just don’t have.

feel like i’m waffling a bit, but it’s good to get some stuff out. i’ve had soooo much on my mind that i just cannot concentrate on much, but i feel like i’m starting to organise my mind clutter a bit.

bath bombs at miss patisserie

juicy red apple at westons cider

cider soaked ham and fried egg

organic apple orchard

dewy spider web in grass

apples on tree

i went to a tour around the westons cider mill last friday, which was utterly fantastic. can’t stop thinking about all those apples and the wonderful smell. i don’t think you’d even have to have a real interest in cider to enjoy this. will have a post up next week!

hanging scented christmas decor

coloured foil tinsel

gold monstera leaf christmas tree decor

blue and green sequinned bauble

chocolate from hotel chocolat

collage scraps

autumnal pink hydrangea

also, excuse the christmas bits, but i went to a christmas event in john lewis a couple weeks ago and wanted to share some of the lovely decor items they have. i should have bought that monstera leaf. i may have to go back for it..

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  • Reply Millie Chip 28/10/2016 at 16:03

    What a wonderfully honest post, Laura. I’m so sorry to hear it hasn’t been the easiest time recently, but so pleased that things are on the up and the skies are starting to brighten :)
    Your photos from Westons look beautiful! Can’t wait to see the post.
    Keep well my friend.
    Millie x

  • Reply Amber 28/10/2016 at 18:24

    Sending love and get well soon wishes! I hope your tooth gets sorted! Can you request more therapy? Maybe some phone call therapy? My mam did it that way and it really helped her. When I was at uni they could only offer two or three sessions which were barely enough to scratch the surface of my issues, I’m on the waiting list now. I didn’t know the NHS only did six sessions as well :( why is it so hard for those of us with mental illnesses to get treatment ffs?!

    I love your photos, especially the sequins! And the Christmas pics, damn I’m excited already! :D

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