snapshots of my week – 27th december

oof. so much food the past few days! also, writing the date down just now has really made it dawn on me that it’s nearly the end of 2013, wow! i’ll do a snapshots of my year next week i think! though this time next week will already be in 2014 but you get the sentiment.

how was your chistmas? though all we did was eat some nice food and watch tv, it was still nice. do you have a traditional thing you do with leftovers on boxing day? we make a lovely curry, and there’s still some of that left over too!

somehow this year i managed to get 3 boxes of lindt chocolate! that’s fine by me as i love them, but i’m keeping the rest now to eat another time. so, so tasty.

i also got a book i’ve wanted for ages, find & keep, by beci orpin. now i want her newest one even more! do you have this book? her style and use of colour fills me with happy.

a glass pineapple and a ceramic bunny! what could be better, huh? more on the pineapple and something else next week.

one of my presents was wrapped in some sequin string (is there a proper name for that?) which made me a bit more excited than it should have done. i love when i get things wrapped in nice paper and pretty string and ribbons i can keep and reuse for something else.

i bought this unicorn brooch from andsmile recently, and i definitely feel a little magical when i wear it. she currently has 25% off everything, so take advantage of that! you need to use the code ‘YAY25’ at checkout. talking of unicorns, does anybody know if a brooch exists of the origami unicorn in blade runner? let me know!

i love this style. i have another papier mache (i assume that’s what it’s made from) bowl in the same style that has strawberries on it, with gold lining. does anybody know where these are from?

aren’t these notebooks from bound by hand lovely? the sweet susan sent me them to help cheer me up a couple weeks ago, and it definitely helped! they’re so lovely and i have lots of ideas to write in them. as much as i love (read: am obsessed with) polka dots, i do love that floral paper! you can buy these two here.

talking of floral, todays friday florals is over at tigerlilly quinn today, as a guest post!

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