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snapshots of my week – 26th april

sticky9 instagram magnets
hello again! it’s been nice to have a little break. what have you been up to this past week? honestly, i’ve not done much. totally fine with that though, because i’ve been feeling so drained and generally quite down so i’ve had time clear to think things through.

stickers from melissa chaib
a couple bursts of colour through the post has helped keep my spirits from flagging. firstly some magnets from my instagram photos (post and giveaway to come soon!) and some awesome stickers i won from melissa chaib. you should check out her colourful shop. i want everything!

raindrop pattern notebook
i found this little notebook i made a while ago with my raindrop pattern. is this something you’d like to see in the shop? once i can afford i will upgrade again, but for now i’m limited to 5 products. i’d love to get it up and running properly again, but i just don’t have the funds currently. i have so many exciting plans for things i want to do in the future, but they’ll take both money and time so i’ll have to be patient. nothing comes easy, eh?

blossom in st fagans castle gardens
we went to st. fagans! i did take quite a few pictures but (probably due to tiredness) they didn’t turn out very good so here’s one that i liked from the gardens by the castle. there was so much pretty blossom!

blossom and fern
talking of.. when i went out for a walk yesterday i picked up some fallen blossom and a bit of fern as i thought they would look pretty together. blossom and fern sounds like a cutesy detective couple, right? or is that just me. i wish there was blossom all year round, but at the same time am glad it isn’t, as it makes it more special that way. i have some simple but happy memories tied to blossom, so it’s always special to me anyway.

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