snapshots of my week – 26th april

honestly, i’ve not done much this week. i’ve been feeling down and quite useless, really. so this post might not be too exciting picture wise! here’s hoping next week is better!

how has your week been?

geometric stamps from present and correct

got these in the post this morning through doing a swap. do you have a favourite shape?

green moss or plant

found this little clump in the garden. i have no idea where it came from, but i liked the shape.

small bird feather

i found a feather too whilst out for a walk. what a pretty pattern. it reminded me of a tabby cat, but on a feather.

botanical illustration

found this too! as well as some other botanical prints i cut out of a book ages ago. thinking about framing them up and putting them in the hallway to cheer it up a bit.

pattern made with oil pastels

and i made a pattern. i really like these colours together, think they look rather springy/summery.

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