snapshots of my week – 24th october

ava in the bath

o’ snapshots of my week, where have you been? i’m not entirely sure why i’ve not done these for a while. it’s nice to share some personal moments and other bits, isn’t it?

i would normally be doing these on a saturday, but i think i may move them to a friday from now on. we’ll see! i like to have a bit of consistency, but sometimes things just don’t work out. i’ve also decided that i’m not going to force myself to do these posts if nothing has happened that i want to share.

some weeks i honestly don’t do much other than illustration and shop stuff, looking for jobs and working on blog related things and i don’t have time or don’t think to take pictures. anyhow, onwards and upwards! what have you been up to this week?

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    Aw what a gorgeous face! I miss having a cat around, especially when the weather turns colder, they're perfect for snuggling with!!

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