snapshots of my week – 24th july

this was one of those weeks where i had lots of plans, and lots to do of course i was ill for the first half of it! just a stomach bug, which luckily passed quite quickly. so, i didn’t really take any photos, and didn’t get much video (as i had planned to anyway) so, another short and sweet post! hopefully next week will be busier and go more to plan.

how was your week?

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  • Reply Katrina Sophia 24/07/2015 at 15:55

    Hello Ava! (is that her name?) Really like the look of your pattern book, look like a good source of inspiration.

    Katrina Sophia

    • Reply laura redburn 01/08/2015 at 11:09

      ava *is* our cats name (well remembered!) but this is just some cat in the alleyways nearby. it just sat there for ages staring at me!

      ahh, the pattern book is awesome. expensive, but i had some vouchers so luckily didn’t have to pay full price. if you flip one way all the patterns are in colour, and the other way they’re (different ones) black and white!

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