snapshots of my week – 24th january


the main news of the week is that my online shop is now open! there’s stickers, nail decals and more. soon there will be notebooks, brooches and necklaces too. how exciting!

if i somehow come into money, i’ll be ordering some fabric with my patterns on to make purses/pouches and bags with! i would love to design a range of silk scarves one day too. i can but dream!

so if you want to help towards making my dreams come true, please spend a little bit of that hard earned cash in my shop :)
to be honest, i’ve not taken that many photos this week. i’ve not really been in the mood for it, and when it’s dark outside all of the time it does take some of that photo-taking mojo out of you, doesn’t it?

however, i am on instagram, so if you want to see some snapshots i don’t post here, come follow me! i’ve been making some collages in the past couple days (finally, right?) and have been posting snippets of those too.

snapshots of my week   24th january

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