snapshots of my week – 23rd october

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purple and blue shapes collage

ooh, this time next week i’ll be 29 (birthday is this sunday, by the way)! feels so weird that i’m almost 30. really doesn’t feel like it. wonder if i’ll feel the same when i’m almost 40? will i still be blogging when i’m almost 40? will blogging (in its current form) still even exist by the time i’m 40? who knows, eh.

this week i’ve been pretty busy working on a couple of commissions, so i’ve not really been out much or taken photos. ah, the life of an illustrator/freelancer, eh? hopefully i’ll be able to show you what i’ve been working on soon-ish.

how was your week?

mint kaweco sport pen

vintage pontesa toledo pattern serving dish

ceramic white elephant and succulent

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