snapshots of my week – 23rd january

pink construction supplies
timber with pink tips
when you see pink on a building site, you do not miss the opportunity to take photos! since my love of pink has grown in the past few months i seem to spot it out and about more than i used to. it looks so nice against the blue too.

it’s so important to me to try and get out – despite the cold weather – and equally so to capture something. i love taking photos so much and it gives me such joy to look back and see how much i’ve improved over the years.

other things that bring me joy are getting post from one of my favourite pattern designers/illustrators and books full of pattern!

building site
cardiff city hall
cardiff city hall
this has been such a tough week, and the month has been pretty horrible too. i can only see things getting worse in terms of money unless my incessant job applying finally works in my favour and someone gives me a job or i get a couple of commissions to keep me afloat. it’s depressing feeling so out of control, and having no idea if you’re going to even have a home in the near future. i try my absolute best to remain positive and focus on the good things, but ..well, it’s hard.

not helping matters – i’ve had some tooth issues this week. out of nowhere i had really bad toothache (i very rarely get it, so it probably seemed a little worse than it was) and my face started to swell a bit. luckily i managed to get an emergency appointment which i hoped to be the end of it. the dentist said there was a bit of infection, and my tooth needed taking out (not because of the infection).

anyway, he proceeded to give me the anaesthetic and all seemed okay. but then he started pulling and then came some of the worst pain i’ve ever felt in my life. basically because of the infection the anaesthetic didn’t ‘take hold’ as it should’ve. so i’m on antibiotics now and hopefully that pesky tooth will be sorted after. though, it did make me laugh when walking home that i was dribbling like a baby due to my numbed face.

this year really hasn’t begun well, and hopefully i’ll read back on this at the end of the year and think heck yeah i beat you 2015!

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