snapshots of my week – 23rd august

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well. i thought i didn’t do much last week, but this week was even less eventful. no, i was not being lazy! i came down with a stomach bug and was ill almost all week. feeling (mostly) better now! what made me feel even more rubbish was that i couldn’t even go out for my daily walk. being ill is so boring! before i was diagnosed with celiac disease a couple years ago, i used to get ill all. of. the. time. i am so thankful that, if nothing else, i don’t get ill anywhere near as much as i used to.

on a more positive note, i’ve had time to fill up my sketchbook a bit more (if you follow me on instagram you may have seen a bit of this. i even started another for pattern ideas! writing – or drawing – things down in a dedicated space feels good, doesn’t it!

OH! and say hello to my newest sponsor, jen of sweet oxen! she makes some rather lovely colourful, geometric prints that i’m sure many of you would enjoy! if you too want to sponsor this blog, or have a collaboration oportunity, feel free to get in touch.

though i’ve not been out (unless you count the back garden) i did a little video for this week, even though the little clips aren’t actually from this week. just some flowery snapshots from over the summer that i didn’t know what else to do with – so hey, a little video and more video editing experience :)

what have you been up to this week?

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