snapshots of my week – 22nd march

i’m going to be honest with you, i’ve not done much this week. well, nothing worth of taking photos of. i’ve been sorting out my room, which has unearthed plenty of goodies i forgot i had, or thought i’d lost. always good when you find things again, isn’t it? i’ve also been making a couple patterns, which i’ll post soon.

my money situation has been getting me down a lot (i hate that i have to think/worry about money so much) and despite applying for so freakin’ many jobs over the past year, i’ve only had two interviews. it’s so disheartening! i was in a very similar situation a few years ago and eventually it passed, so’s hoping something good this way comes.

colourful taffy gif
this is some wonderfully colourful taffy that scathingly brilliant sent me a while ago. i’ve put off eating it for ages because i was loving the colours too much. so before i finished the last bit, i took a couple of photos and made it into a gif. everyone does that, right?

coloured paper sample book
amongst other things found whilst tidying (like some super cute stickers and a couple watercolour pads), i found this colour/paper sample book. there’s some really nice colours in there, but i’m particularly loving the pink and blue together.

paper bag from present and correct
some contents of the paper bag from present and correct
at the end of last week i won a £10 gift voucher from present and correct via their twitter. i was overjoyed! i was then overjoyed again yesterday when what i’d bought came though the letterbox. i do love some happy post! i got the paper pack, though there were obviously a million other things i wanted. i actually have another one of these i bought some time ago. mm, paper goods.

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