snapshots of my week – 20th december

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i’ve definitely been feeling better this week! though i still don’t feel my normal self, i’m well on the way. sometimes you just have to let it be, don’t you? not to let depression get the better of you, but to realise you probably just need a little break if nothing else. my creative juices are starting to flow again, which is the most welcome thing.

i apologise if the colours look a little odd in these photos, i’ve got a new laptop and though i’ve calibrated the monitor, it still doesn’t look quite right colour wise. if anybody has any windows 8 tips, they’ll be much appreciated! it’s very different to lion on mac.

snapshots of my week   20th december
i got paid for a job recently, so i treated myself to a couple little things before it all disappears on rent. i got these topshop shoes which i LOVE. they’re so shiny!

snapshots of my week   20th december

snapshots of my week   20th december

i found a lovely black sequinned clutch in a charity shop. i don’t often go for ‘showy’ things, but i thought if i was wearing something a bit more plain it wouldn’t look too over the top. i love the second photo i took with my phone. i was right by the window so the light reflected on, as well as the reflection from my top.

snapshots of my week   20th december

snapshots of my week   20th december

i also found this great book in a charity shop. it’s an old children’s encyclopaedia. it has some amazing images, and i love these shells. i still can’t get over that it was 50p!

i’m sure there was something else i was going to mention, but i can’t remember what. if i do, i’ll tell you next week!

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