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snapshots of my week – 20th april

ava the cat on white fluffy rug

oh boy.

so tired. you know those weeks where lots of little (and a couple of bigger) things go wrong? i’ve had a couple like that. piece by piece, not so bad. but they build up and you get frustrated. most annoyingly, though it’s something i’d rather not do, is getting a couple of teeth removed. was meant to happen last friday. had to REALLY mentally psyche myself up for that. but then it turns out my appointment was another consultation. so it just really drained me after. luckily, i’m having it done this tuesday, so not too long to wait. this whole process has taken well over a year!!

bloody hell am i scared. but it’s for the best. if you’re interested it’ll be my two top wisdom teeth and two very broken teeth. hopefully the rest will stay intact from here on out, ha!

so uh. yeah. hashtag teethchat. please send me kind words/thoughts/gifts!

umm. my brain has kind of switched off a bit this week. have needed it though. though i also REALLY need some motivation and pep and ..just some general reason to get through my days. honestly, 2017 has taken a part of my soul.

so glad for this sun though! HATE being hot, but LOVE these lighter evenings and sunny days. it’s like brain and spirit food. maybe i’ll feel mentally more myself soon. here’s hoping.

there’s probably other things i wanted to write about, but definitely needed a brain dump.

tell me about your week! happy weekend all.

forsythia against overcast sky

close up camelia

blossom tree poking around house

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