snapshots of my week – 17th august

Hydrangeas peeking over wall

despite having a bit of mental clarity this week, today my brain feels like mush. you know when there’s coherent thoughts there, but you cant quite put them together? ah, how wonderful. i’m hoping that the clear-mindedness comes back soon!

i’m sure i had some things to share, but for now – here’s some recent photos. i feel like there’s not much point in even sharing these with some inane ramblings, but part of the reason i’m not as ‘on’ lately is that i’m just feeling a bit, uh, pointless. so i’m trying to brush past that and realise i have every right to share as much or as little as i want online.

going back to what i was initially saying, when i had that clearness of mind earlier in the week i felt more like myself again. but i was so busy with work and other things i didn’t get much chance to capitalise on it. i’m sure someone out there, if anyone is even reading this, knows what i mean and how i’m feeling.

a couple of weeks ago i was saying to a friend how this time last year i was at SUCH a low point – one of the worst, most stressful times i’ve had. and that now, even though i’m not exactly happy, i’m in a MUCH better place. it takes time to heal and i know i will feel good again.

so uh, ramble over. how was your week?

pastel terazzo sidewalk

yellow rose peeking over wall


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