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snapshots of my week – 1st november

honestly, i’ve not done much this week. i did make a retro inspired dog pattern though! the boyfriend has had a week off work so i’ve been spending time with him. most of that has been indoors watching films and stuff, so i’ve not really taken many photos. unfortunately he’s not the sort of person that likes to go on impromptu walks or trips anywhere or anything, so i’ve made sure to go out for walks by myself. better than nothing!

anyway, because i’ve not really taken many photos on the camera this week, i thought i’d share some instagram photos as that’s something i rarely do on the blog!

i somehow only just noticed the painting on the boards outside a nearby school. i really like the colours. good choice, kids! am i the only one that sees a face in there?

a lovely pretty white lace blouse i bought recently. i rarely wear white but this was so pretty i couldn’t resist // i went out for a walk just now, and it was so nice to see all the autumn leaves. it’d just been raining, but i really wanted to pick all those leaves, throw them up in the air and go ‘wooooo!’

i love that’s there’s lots of tiling outside houses where i live. there’s some super pretty stuff, as well as more geometric stuff like this too. i wish people would paint their houses nice colours too though! // just a pretty snail i saw on the wall in my garden.

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