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snapshots of my week – 19th july

it has been hot this week. very hot. it’s nice to have an actual summer for the first time in years, but this is too much for me! i’m definitely the sort of person that way prefers the cooler weather. i like the sun, i just don’t like the heat.

but something good of it has come of it on my part in that it’s inspired me to make some fruity summer patterns! i painted the basic elements with watercolours, scanned them in and cleaned them up a bit, then arranged them into some (hopefully) pleasing arrangements. here’s one of the bits i painted, a watermelon slice! if you have a favourite fruit, let me know and i’ll maybe include it in another pattern.

watercolour painting of a slice of watermelontwo badges with handmade collages, blue tit and letter v with flowers

supplies for making a notebook laid out, stapler, stanley knife, bulldog clip, ruler and paper

also this week i have been participating in a swap with the lovely viktorija semjonova. above are the badges i made her (still a bit unfinished here), as well as the beginnings of a notebook.

illustrated badges made from shrink plastic, teapot and succulent plant in planter

she sent me these lovely brooches. i love them! you can buy these and more from her etsy shop.

illustration by esther cox of castle

esther cox cards laid over each other
also my prize from esther cox came. to enter you had to tell her your favourite word. mine is ‘supple’ ..what’s yours? i love this print and it makes me feel so very happy. it may also now be one of my favourite bits of art in the house. she very kindly sent some cards too. you can buy the print and cards in her shop! i think you should. the quality is fantastic and everytime you look at what you’ve bought you’d be as pleased as i am.

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