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snapshots of my week – 19th december

pink and blue graffiti

so at the beginning of last week i finally had the rheumatology appointment i’ve been waiting for most of the year for. if you can recall, i had fears that i would leave feeling fobbed off or that i wasn’t listened to. glad to say neither was the case. i mean, i suppose it could have gone a little better, but for a first appointment my anxiety was mostly put to rest.

i’ve been given a preliminary diagnosis of fibromyalgia but also had blood taken and a few xrays to rule out other things. i have to go back in february (on valentines day, ha!) for my results and i guess to discuss things further. i had suspected that he would say fibromyalgia yet at the same time i know some people do get diagnosed with it because their doctor or consultant can’t see any real obvious symptoms of anything else. it’s a bit tricky i guess. i do suspect i have a few related issues so would be good to get official diagnosis of those too.

so, a little clarity, right? better than none.

black and white shattered glass

black split brick wall

orange berries hanging over door

other than that this week has kind of just mushed into one big nothingness. which, for once hasn’t necessarily been bad. i’ve been feeling so drained and frazzled that i think i needed it. i’m finding it hard right now to even think of more words/remember my week so i’ll leave it there.

this’ll be my last post til the new year (unless there’s something i just have to share here) – hope you enjoy the holiday period! in the meantime you can find me on instagram and twitter.

pink patch of wall

pink and blue wall

blossom on tree

fig leaves with christmas lights

turquoise door

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  • Reply Becky Wise 19/12/2016 at 16:24

    Beautiful photos! I love the images of the bike and the door. I’m glad you have been diagnosed but it must be hard to live with fibromyalgia. x

    Becky |

    • Reply laura redburn 16/01/2017 at 09:30

      Thank you! I walked past the bike but I just had to walk back to get a photo, haha!

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